There's no denying that Tyga is enjoying life right now. In what might have surprised a few ardent haters, the rapper received the first official LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers jersey courtesy of team co-owner Jesse Buss. While Tyga spends his days flexing in exclusive gear, he can also enjoy the sound of ever-stacking residuals, courtesy of his summer smash hit "Taste." While the song was undoubtedly destined for greatness from the jump (Kanye West actually dubbed the ass-laden video one of the greatest of all time clips), it would appear that Tyga's efforts have gone on to materialize into something tangible.

According to a press release, Tyga and Offset's "Taste" has officially gone Gold. With ninety million streams on Spotify and a video viewcount to match, "Taste" is further testament to Tyga's occasionally questioned commercial viability. Perhaps this is enough to quell some of the doubters, and provide Tyga with the motivation to continue delivering hit after hit. Clearly, the year has been good to him thus far, and at this rate, a platinum plaque seems inevitability.

Congratulations to Tyga and Offset, who has recently enjoyed the birth of his new baby daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus. Wins for everyone.