Ty Dolla $ign's profile is rising. We've recently seen the singer popping up on plenty of collaborations, including new tracks from Meek Mill and Lupe Fiasco. Turns out, there will be no shortage of big names on his debut album, Free TC either.

In an interview with Fuse, Ty let us in on some of things we can expect to hear on the record, as well as sharing some of his early experiences with music.

The Beach House crooner revealed that the song he's most excited about from the project is a duet with non other than Kendrick Lamar, "So far, I like this song that I've got called "L.A." with Kendrick," he said. "It's like equivalent to Jay Z and Alicia Keys' ["Empire State Of Mind"]. We made it L.A."

He also revealed that there's also more to be heard from him and Lupe, indicating that "Snitches" was one of a few songs that came out of their sessions. "That was like the fourth song we've done," he said of the track, going on to describe the other collaborations with various exclamations. "I've got one on my album that's like 'oh shit', and I've got one on his album that's like 'Wooh!'"

Ty then spoke meeting famous musicians in his youth through his father, who was a trumpet player. "I met Quincy Jones. I met Tupac, because my pops played on all the Death Row stuff back in the day," he revealed. I met Daz, Snoop, and all of them when I was young."

The singer then spoke on his sincere love for music being the driving force in his career. "I fell in love with music. When a song can give me goosebumps, that's everything to me," he said. "I love music for real. I'm not one of those people who just wants to get famous. I don't care about that part."

Watch the full interview below.