To briefly summarize what has happened so far, Donald Trump implemented an immigration ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries and in retaliation, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani banned all American citizens from entering Iran.

To make a long story short, this situation has become increasingly complicated by the minute, and while there are a lot of details in between, it goes without saying that both of these actions will affect a massive amount of people. There are currently ongoing protests at JFK International airport and grassroots protests all over the country. Twitter is equally in a state of absolute unrest so we have rounded up some of the top tweets to illustrate how far-reaching this situation is.

The actions of President Donald Trump's executive order caught the eyes of many prominent people and organizations. One of the most noteworthy is the American Civil Liberties Union aka the ACLU, who have filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump on behalf of the individuals being detained at airport terminals across the country.

Sia in addition to many other influential artists and entrepreneurs have expressed their support to the ACLU.

World leaders like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have expressed their support for refugees and invited them into their borders.

Mark Cuban has been leading an online grassroots campaign of his own as he has been tweeting at conservative politicians and asking their opinion on the #MuslimBan.

New York Times writer Charlotte Alter posted a video from the protests at JFK and Seth Rogen helped organize one in Los Angeles today.

The ban is even affecting the entertainment industry as Oscar-nominated Iranian director Asghar Farhadi has ben barred from entering the U.S. to attend the Oscars where his film The Salesman has been nominated for an award. 

Additionally, people everywhere are nonstop tweeting their opinions on the event, stories of those affected by the actions and more. You can view some of those tweets below and leave us with your thoughts on the #MuslimBan in the comments.