Nick Bilton, a writer at Vanity Fair, recently published a feature illustrating Jack Dorsey's unconventional persona as the CEO of Twitter. An unexpected element was mentioned in the piece, connecting Dorsey to the infamous Azealia Banks. Apparently, Bilton receives gossip about the tech giant regularly since he had written a book about the company. Bilton wrote, “Once, a source who worked with him told me Dorsey had sent a rapper his beard shavings to make him an amulet that would protect him from evildoers.”

Andrew Benge/Redferns

Azealia Banks did tweet about this scenario back in 2016. The CEO agreed to promote her mixtape in exchange for a protective amulet but failed to hold up his end of the deal, according to the emcee.

This marks yet another instance of Azealia Banks' wild claims being supported by another party years later. Sis keeps dishing out over the top stories that somehow end up being true. Just ask Elon Musk, another tech mogul.