Tupac may no longer be with us, but his legacy and the details of his murder are still going strong. TMZ got its hands on documents from A&E's docu-series, Who Killed Tupac? that reveals shocking information. Apparently, the handgun used to kill Tupac has gone missing and detectives do not know where it is located. 

The publication reports that a .40 calibre Glock was found in the backyard of a Compton resident's home and was reported by police on May 30, 1998. In the year 2000, when L.A. County Sheriff's Department took over the Compton law enforcement, all 3,800 confiscated weapons were transferred to the new headquarters - including the Glock.

In the year 2006, Deputy T. Brennan who was working on Biggie's murder came across documents that revealed the home where the gun was found, was the residence of the girlfriend to a prominent Crip member that was Tupac's rival. Tests were ordered that proved it was, in fact, the weapon that killed Pac. 

Instead of the gun returning to the Las Vegas Police Department, where the case is still being solved, an officer assigned to the cold case decided against it in fear that it might spark new gang violence by any Crip members. The publication reports that the whereabouts of the gun is unknown, even though the last department that had it was the LASD.

In the clip below, you can see the shock on Tupac's brothers face when he's told by the civil rights attorney producing the A&E series, Benjamin Crump, about the recovery of the gun.