Donald Trump offered his Black History Month address along with a tweet. Both forms of messages were received with a whole lot of mix feelings. Here's what's he sent via Twitter: "National African American History Month is an occasion to rediscover the enduring stories of African Americans and the gifts of freedom, purpose, and opportunity they have bestowed on future generations..."

This was his very last tweet of the day on February 1st and most of the social media users who commented on his post did not seem to be rocking with it for a number of people. The response that got the most clout in impressions called out the president for his own part in racist actions against Black people. "Here’s an enduring story: Donald Trump took out full page ads calling for the death penalty for five young African-American men who were wrongfully convicted and eventually exonerated," the Twitter user wrote in reference to the Central Park 5. "Or how about the one where our first black president endured a racist birther conspiracy?"

The comments section listed many of the politicians short comings from before and during his presidential term. Others offered some levity by pointing out how someone else must have written the Tweet. View a few reactions below.