Even though his buzz & momentum might’ve taken a slight hit after being shot at Irving Plaza last year, Troy Ave hasn’t let his fans down when it comes to new music this year. Back in March, he dropped off the album Dope Boy Troy, before following that up with his Nupac album in April. Then in June, he kept fans satisfied again by dropping off a new 17-track mixtape called Style 4 Free, before returning to the scene with The Album of the Summer on August 25th. Since then, he’s been busy hitting us with videos from the various projects, including “Tonight” & “Smooth Criminal,” but it looks like he’s about to switch things up again & hit us with yet another project. On Tuesday, Troy hinted that his next project will be a R&B album and not his traditional rap.

“Buying a carpet for dressing closet got my inspired đź’ˇ wat should I call this r&b album,” he captioned the IG post. His question on what he should call the R&B album resulted in some clever responses from fans in the comments, like “Saucy Collins,” “Troy Sauve,” and “Shots of suede.” He also could be heard mentioning White Christmas 5 in the clip as well, which we presume will surface right around Christmas time as usual.

It’s unclear if Troy is just trolling fans and having a good time in the carpet store, or if he’s really putting together a R&B album. Anything is possible after seeing the likes of former YMCMB rapper Tyga say he was recording a “singing” album back in August and dropped off "Boss Up." Guess time will only tell though.

For now, check out Troy’s semi-announcement (below) and let us know what you think. Would you want to hear a R&B album from Troy Ave? What should he call it?