Rapper Trouble's relationship with Alexis Skyy has been quite the trending topic since the pair announced that they were romantically involved. The public seems to have more than a few opinions about their coupling up, whether it be about him putting his hands around her neck, their shenanigans at their infamous Cucumber Party, or their recent decision to break up after he was allegedly caught kissing another woman.

Following the news that he and his former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star girlfriend are no longer an item, Trouble took a moment to remind people that he's not like other public figures who are hoping to turn themselves into stars at the expense of their personal lives. He shared a lengthy message to his Instagram Story, stating that he's "ol skool" and not a person "to eva chase the light and attention."

"I'm not a love & hip hop n*gga who's willing to sacrifice my peace, privacy & personal life for 2k an episode or sacrifice my sanity to Be 'poppin' or the 'topic' on Instagram," he wrote. "Sh*t Be lame AF to me! I Been Braxkin since middle school. We live in some real weirdo times an im Bool on alotta sh*t & Bullsh*t people. With that Being said...Miss me wit da f*ckery! We don't live on da same typa time!"