It's been a while since All Def Music has released a new episode of Arts & Raps, but they recently returned with Trippie Redd. The online digital giant has undergone some restructuring, so it's expected that they'll be sharing much more content in the upcoming year. The Ohio-born rapper sat down for their kid-centered series that features an artist at a craft table with two children who peg them with questions. Trippie was sweating from after a little girl asked him if he's ever caught the Holy Ghost. Thankfully, the little boy came to his rescue. "I got you covered," the boy said. "Every black person gets the Holy Ghost every day."

Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

Trippie couldn't help but laugh. "It just runs in our community," he joked. The trio had the task of making stress balls for the day because they know that the music industry can be overwhelming. Things jump around as Trippie reveals that his first face tattoo was the number "14" in the middle of his forehead. The boy wanted to know what the 14 meant. 

"It's a spiritual number," Trippie said. "It's an angel behind the number. I'm a very spiritual person, that's why I believe in ghosts and stuff like that. I like that type of stuff." The little girl wanted to know why he "sings bad words a lot." Trippie responded, "It's the way I express myself. In the moment it feels good. It feels right. Necessarily what I'm saying might not be right, but it feels right."

Watch below as Trippie Redd tries to answer why he likes scary things, reveals the most expensive gifts he ever bought a girl, and see what he chooses between money, women, or the ability to rap.