Trippie Redd might not look it, but the Love Letter To You 4 rapper is as dexterous as anyone in the game. At least when it comes time to react in the face of highly mobile debris. Such was indeed the case during a recent concert at Houston's Revention Center, a sold-out show at that. While the performance was by and large a smooth affair, one overzealous fan decided to engage in some reckless and ill-advised behavior, putting the entire event at risk in the name of --- something or other.

 Trippie Redd

Footage reveals the incident in question: Trippie, deep in concentration during a performance of "U Deserve It," spitting bars for his loyal followers. All of a sudden a piece of debris comes flying toward him like a bat out of hell, forcing Trippie to input the "bullet time" cheat code in the blink of an eye. Somehow, he's able to dodge the projectile with Neo-esque finesse, immediately calling for the song to be cut short.

The mood quickly sours as Trippie threatens to call it a night. Perhaps emboldened by the threat of a premature exit, several of the concertgoers actually pinpoint the culprit, essentially rendering him a public enemy. From that point, Trippie declares a martial law of sorts, requesting that the offender receive a fist to the jaw for his troubles. Severe to be sure, but can one truly hold Trippie's emotional response against him? Were it not for his truly catlike reflexes, who knows what damage might have been done?