Travis Scott has been called a great many things during his tenure in the game. Lately, some of the internet's most vocal critics have taken to dubbing him "transphobic," after Trans icon Amanda Lepore was seeming photoshopped off the Astroworld cover. Though album artist David LaChapelle was adamant she was removed after the "bend-and-snap" began garnering too much attention, some remained unconvinced. Accusations continued to pile on, as they often do, and now, Travis' camp has come forward with the inevitable statement.

According to TMZ, Scott's camp has spoken out on the rapper's behalf. Apparently, Scott never even received the original artwork (with Lepore), and therefore, had nothing to do with the eventual deletion. Essentially, Travis opted for the shrug and shoulder-brush combo. While some may be happy to let this one lie, TMZ seems adamant in pursuing the narrative, seeming to shift the blame to David LaChappelle.

All things considered, Astroworld is here to stay. Should you be interested in checking out some of earlier covered of this still-unfolding saga, peep the LaChappele's original comments here. For what it's worth, Amanda herself seems content with LaChapelle's explanation; who really knows the truth of the matter?