Something tells us that people won't exactly be buying this explanation. After controversy broke out over the alternate album art that Travis Scott presented for Astroworld, the photographer behind the shoot was forced to explain why changes were made to remove celebrated transgender model Amanda Lepore from the artwork. While it was assumed that there were transphobic reasons behind the iconic woman's removal, it turns out that she was just too good to stay on the cover. Something definitely seems fishy here...

Lepore was initially included in the "Night" version of Trav's latest album art but when the artist officially posted it on his Instagram page, she was nowhere to be seen. According to Complex, LaChapelle has been replying to fans on his page with an explanation as to why the model is no longer represented next to the theme park, citing that she was just too good to stick around. "Amanda was taken out because she just upstaged everyone," wrote the photographer, adding, "nothing to do with hating." 

The model seems to support the final decision although she was curious as to why she was removed. She made her own post, stating, "Too distracting for the eyes ❗️Upstaged everyone in the photograph ❗️Oh well........... I love @david_lachapelle and @travisscott." 

Astroworld releases in a few hours. Is the "Day" or "Night" cover your favorite?