Over the past couple days, Travis Scott has been slowly unveiling details on his highly anticipated Astroworld album, first confirming its arrival for this Friday and then sharing its album cover on Tuesday. However there appears to be a second album cover that we weren't aware of that Travis decided share for us late Tuesday night.

Posted on his Instagram account, Travis shared a more darker & edgier cover than the fun-loving theme park we saw first with the little kids. This cover is taken at night, and instead of kids enjoying their popcorn, it finds some half-naked women being rather provocative in a fiery & circus-like setting. The same gold head statue of La Flame is the center focus of the cover along with the flags & rocket on the side, but there are some minor differences in its surroundings.

It's unclear at the moment what exactly this second cover is for, if maybe for a deluxe version or something? But it’s definitely a more edgier take on the Astroworld theme park than the first cover.

Check out the second album cover (below) and let us know which one you like more? Look for its tracklist to be popping up soon as well.