Travis Scott was the headliner for Made In America yesterday in Philadelphia and thousands of ragers packed the venue to watch their favorite artist take the stage. During the performance, Travis was wearing his brand new colorful Nike Air Force 1 Low collab which doesn't seem to have much information surrounding it. At one point during his set, Scott took off his shoes and gifted them to a fan named Luis Delgado. We know the name of the fan because he excitedly took to social media where he showed off some images of the shoe.

Considering this sneaker has very few in-hand images, Delgado's posts had sneakerheads buzzing for more. As you can tel from the photos, the shoe is covered in blue material thanks to a zipper. The shoe has patches of blue, brown, black and even purple, creating an interesting contrast all the way throughout. 

Despite this new look at the shoe, a release date still alludes us so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you. This sneaker is definitely going to be one of the bigger releases of the Fall and is further proof that Scott is dominating the sneaker space right now.