The lawsuits are piling on following the tragedy that occurred at Astroworld Festival. Travis Scott is facing billions of dollars in lawsuits from families of the deceased, fans who were injured, and attendees that were left mortified. According to TMZ, two security guards from Astroworld Fest filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, Live Nation, and more after claiming they had to carry out a lifeless body during the deadly crowd surge. 

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Samuel and Jackson Bush filed documents to court where they laid out the details of their lawsuit. They said that they were hired by AJ Melino and Associates to work security detail during the festival, which was said to have 50,000 attendees. Ultimately, a larger crowd ended up showing out for the festival, creating overwhelming circumstances for security.

Samuel and Jackson Bush said that they've suffered mental and physical injuries from working the event including the traumatizing experience of pulling a person out of the crowd who ended up dying. The plaintiffs are seeking $1M in damages, listing Travis Scott, Live Nation, AJ Melino, Cactus Jack Records, and others in their lawsuit.

The latest lawsuit adds to over 30 that have been filed against the Houston rapper since the tragedy earlier this month. We will continue to keep you posted on more information regarding Astroworld Festival.