Tracy Morgan is one of the funniest men on the planet but, as you all know, there's a time and place for everything. When he appeared on Today via video call, the comedian was asked about how he's been holding up during this hard time. His response shocked Hoda Kotb, as well as everybody watching at home.

"Me and my wife been quarantinin' it for like three weeks so she's pregnant three times," joked the actor, failing to read his interviewer's reaction. "Every week she got pregnant. We're also role-playing a lot now. She's playing a young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus and I'm the scientist who discovered the cure and she'll do anything to save her grandfather's life. I mean anything!"

Tracy Morgan
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Hoda Kotb had no clue what to say in response, hitting Morgan with a simple, "You are a creative one..." before completely switching up the subject. 

We're sure nobody was expecting this kind of appearance from Tracy Morgan on Today

Elsewhere in the same interview, the comedian also speaks about the new season of The Last OG, which was much more family-friendly. 

Watch Tracy Morgan's bizarre morning show appearance below and let us know what you think.