Let Tory Lanez tell it, famous women are overrated.

In a new social media rant of sorts, the singer and rapper opened up about his preference in women, specifically the famous ones versus "regular girls," he says. He took to his Instagram Stories to spell out the differences and explain just why he'd take a lesser-known woman over one whose lifestyle is more alignment with his own.

"Difference is a regular girl...mad lowkey," he begins."Don't be around all the n-ggas. Don't call every n-gga that she's fucking 'bro.' Don't gotta shake her ass on the gram for some likes. Don't gotta worry bout every rap n-gga in her DM."

From his description, it's likely that Tory has found both famous in real-life and just by the Internet's standard to be one and the same. Naturally, there is a line of distinction to be drawn between actual celebrities and attractive Instagram influencers. Our bet is that Lanez is tired of putting up with the latter. Nevertheless, if you were worried about flying under Tory Lanez's radar, his antennaes are perked up for the common folks after all.

"Like I said," the Canadian star concludes. "I'll take a regular girl anyday."