Seeing as it's unlikely we'll be seeing any new radio freestyles anytime soon, we'll take some new bars in whatever fashion we can get them. Luckily, Tory Lanez remains hellbent on bringing us The New Toronto 3 by any means necessary. While he has yet to offer up any musical previews quite yet, the Canadian lyricist has opted to caption a few choice lyrics from his upcoming mixtape -- given the subject matter, it sounds like it's going to a murderous verse. 

Tory Lanez The New Toronto 3

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

"I wanna cheat but ill prolly kill her if she cheat on me, homicidal thoughts don’t mix with all these gs on me," captions Tory Lanez, unafraid to get toxic if backed into a corner. "Look into my eyes you see a n***a tryna dodge the demons, we done came along way from swiping fraud cards at Neiman’s." While it's difficult to discern what the song in question will sound like, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one be wide-ranging in nature, an analysis on his come-up and the battles that so often come with ascension. 

True, the Canuck has yet to unveil a release date for The New Toronto 3, but he has iterated time and again that the project was coming soon. Like, real soon. "THE NEW TORONTO MIXTAPE COMING SO SOON THATS ITS NOT FUNNY," he emphasized, commenting on one of his recent IG posts. While the extent of how soon has yet to be revealed, should he decide to drop in March we may very well be looking at one of Canada's biggest musical months in a minute. Who else is looking forward to seeing Tory Lanez back on his BS?