Tory Lanez has been in the spotlight for the better part of the last two years and his journey has had its share of ups and downs, to say the least. His 2016 studio album I Told You, which boasted hit singles like "LUV" and "Say It," signaled his rise into hip-hop's stratosphere and gave fans a lot to be hopeful about when it came to new music, which at that point seemed to be a long way off. This past April, he was arrested on drug and gun charges just hours after he welcomed a son into the world. He opened up about that, as well as his new musical project, in a full-length conversation that you can view below.

When it comes to his new tunes, Lanez confirmed that there will be some eye-catching co-signs on his upcoming album. "There's definitely features that you want to hear [...] definitely collabs that you wanted to see," he said. "Everything's supposed to be out, like, asap." When he was asked when the first single will be available to listen to via popular streaming and purchasing outlets, Lanez replied that the first helping of his new music should be coming down the pipeline in "a week-and-a-half or two weeks at the latest." He went on touch on the disconnect between his music and a service like Apple Music, which only carries his aforementioned LP from last year and not any of his other mixtape material. According to the rapper, it's never been for purchase because he's always felt strongly about giving his fans free music.

"The sad part about it is that the places where you used to get free music are actually being taken over by the Spotify's and the Apple's," he added. "And now, that's the better platform." Tory Lanez wasn't sleeping on trying to make his very best material when it came to the new album either. According to his recollection, he recorded more than 65 new tracks for his upcoming release, many which will more than likely be left on the cutting room floor for now. All in all, it sounds like his new project will be one of mammoth proportions.

Check out the full conversation below.