Last week, Don Q unleashed a diss record, aimed at Troy Lanez's head, but the Tronto-bred rapper and singer apparently wasn't feeling it when he took to Instagram to document his reaction to Q's "I'm Not Joyner" track.

"That's what you came with, n-gga? Fuck outta here," Tory yelled into his phone camera in a video posted to Instagram Story

Don Q would soon return with a rebuttal, taking to his own Instagram Story to write, "just rap, boy."

Don Q's original track arrived as a response to Tory Lanez viral Twitter rant in which he asserted that he was the "best rapper alive."

"IM THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE RIGHT NOW ...... I WILL BODY ANY OF YALL N*GGAS OUT! PERIOD," he wrote. "And for anybody denying what I’m saying ... that’s cool..  just remember your favorite rapper wouldn’t step up the last time. BECAUSE N*GGAS IS AFRAID OF THIS WORK."

He went on to assert that the likes of Pusha T and J. Cole were afraid of sparring with him lyrically, declaring that he would prove himself to all the doubters.

"I will become the biggest artist in the world one day" he added. "I will also be known as the best artist at all aspects of my craft," he said. "I don’t care if u doubt me now. You will see for yourself in due time."