As some Hip Hop fans await news about his ongoing case with Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez has been pushing forward. The multihyphenate artist has continued to amass success despite the accusations that he is responsible for shooting Megan in the foot in July 2020. An immediate scandal followed, but Lanez has repeatedly denied that he is culpable for Megan's injuries.

Fans have speculated about the incident for over a year, and while the controversy haunts Lanez, he has made new business moves, including making his music available as NFTs. A Twitter user called him out, saying he's making the public "do the most to just listen to music."

Tory Lanez, Blackballed
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

The person also alleged that Lanez's NFT "isn't gunna go high up in value" and accused the singer of pulling a "get rich quick thing" because he has been "black balled on streaming platforms." Lanez decided to respond, rejecting the idea.

"I’m not blackballed from anything .... to put this in perspective for u," he tweeted. "My last NFT had 700 copy’s .. it’s sold for 700 dollars and quickly sold out .... by the time the week was over it was re selling for 34,000 $ .... this NFT space is extremely different !!! #ENFT." Back in March, Lanez fired off messages suggesting that he was being censored from editorial playlists and platforms.

"As an independent artist ... and as a BLACK BUSINESS .. I ACTIVELY still make the platforms money with my music," he wrote at the time. "So it should NOT BE RIGHT .. for any platform to CENSOR AND SILENCE ME FROM THE EDITORIAL PLAYLIST OR HOME PAGES OF THESE PLATFORMS THAT HELP TO GIVE EYE BALLS TO YOUNG ARTIST ... I’ve stayed cool for the last 2 projects ... BUT THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR ."

Check out his new tweet and a clip of Lanez speaking about his NFTs below.