The imaginative type can likely conjure all matter of dark fantasies about the music industry, similar in tone to Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Money changing hands, disturbing hypersexualized rituals and the like. There's no shortage of conspiratorial theories suggesting that Hollywood and the big money record labels are complicit in a variety of dubious practices designed to maximize capital at any cost. Even if that means sacrificing one's eternal soul. We may scoff at the notion, but for Tory Lanez, the fear in his tone feels very real. 

 Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Not long ago, Lanez went off on Interscope Records, threatening to "expose" Interscope and lay them bare for the world to see. Now, Lanez has revisited the narrative with a cryptic update of sorts, this one slightly more alarming than the last. "To my fellow artist if anything happens to me in any part of this process," he writes. "I did it all for my upcoming artist to be smarter with these deals and to be in a better position with ya'll families. And to be aware of the dangers EVEN WHEN THE BUSINESS IS RIGHT!"

Now, it's entirely possible that Tory is exaggerating to make a point. Still, we can't deny that the Canadian rapper is putting a lot on the line by speaking up, and we can only hope the consequences don't weigh down on his career. Show some love to Tory in the comments.