Ranking Meek Mill's top five freestyles-- a futile task, really. Most every one of his tracks is a freestyle. He never writes down his lyrics, and though most rappers make said claim these days, with Meek, we really believe it. His denial of the pen and pad isn't merely a show of pride-- freestyling, in the truest sense of the word, is when Meek is at his absolute best. It's really the only channel he knows. 

If you follow Meek on social media, you know he doesn't abide by the mantra "think before you speak" (or tweet). Inspiration comes and is released immediately, often in the form of an unflinching lyrical assault. Coming from the mean streets of North Philly, Meek stood his ground and made his name by battle rapping, and, to this day, he's always ready to go, always looking for a target. Because of the things he's seen, and the years he's spent learning how to channel that pain into raps, Meek's freestyles often pack deeper, rawer content than the most ruminative of social poets. 

Here are five of Meek's most impressive freestyles-- all non-album tracks and tracks that Meek has officially deemed a freestyle. We know there are countless others to choose from, so please share your favorites in the comments. 

(age 13)