Tomi Lahren is hoping to assemble a squadron of Twitter's elite to combat The Game's ill-seeded commentary. The rivalry really took a few days ago, when 21 Savage's mother came out the woodwork to thank The Game for supporting her son during his nightmarish stint in an ICE detainment center. And by supporting I do infer, bashing Tomi Lahren to bits, for standing in opposition to 21's deserving pleas to become a US citizen.

In the truest sense of the words "Trump Supporter," the Fox pundit continued her decry 21 Savage's good name at her own discretion - at which point, Lahren was still in the wrong, as The Game hadn't yet pulled out the real hurtful language, the balance of which dominated the headlines this afternoon.

The Compton-born rapper used an unreasonable amount of profane language in his subsequent attack of her "Mega Mind" persona. It's all documented here.

The allusion to the animated film wound up being the lightest insult he would muster, albeit an easy one to unpack, once you consider the feebleness of her "political savviness," and the false confidence with which she dispenses of it.

And with that said, Tomi Lahren did fire off a retort, but not to the degree of vitriol. Instead, she Tweeted out whatever "Feminist" fellowship she can lay claim to, in the wake of The Game's misogynistic language. While two wrongs don't make a right, even in this instance, something tells me Lahren's calls for feminist support will go unanswered, because there's little connecting her to the roots of any community pushing for Women's Rights, and that's before you consider allegiance to Fox News, Donald Trump, you name it.