Tomi Lahren has no problem being known in our community as an insensitive, racist, political commentator that constantly makes a fool out of herself. Of course, in her eyes, she likely does not believe that she is ever in the wrong. In her career, she's made some good points but, for the most part, she has continually found herself on the wrong end of insults and shade from everybody in the hip-hop world. Much of that hatred has been well-deserved too. Lahren has marked herself as an easy target for people like Joyner Lucas and 21 Savage to go to war with. This weekend, she shook up the internet again when she celebrated "Deportation Day," clapping after it was announced that ICE would be raiding the homes of "illegal" immigrants to kick them out of the country

The news reporter shared a photo of ice cubes, writing on top that she was celebrating the dismissal of over two thousand immigrant families and cheekily adding a Vanilla Ice reference. She followed up by sending a message to her detractors, writing, "Don’t wanna be deported? Don’t come to this country illegally." 

As you would expect, her messages sparked quite the debate in her comments. From flat-out insults to people trying to argue why she's incorrect, people came into her mentions in droves. How do you feel about the ICE raid over the weekend?