The New England Patriots are in the midst of a two-game losing streak at the moment after losing to the Chiefs this past Sunday 23-16. And while the offensive side of the ball has continued to struggle to score points, the QB, Tom Brady, doesn't appear to be too worried about it.

On Friday, TB12 shared one of his weekly inspirational posts on IG getting ready for Sunday’s big games against the Cincinnati Bengals, and in it he decided to quote the late great Mac Miller in the process. Brady shared a pic of him on the field throwing the ball, while leaving the fitting caption, “Whole team about to figure it out, ice cold that’s what winters about,” which if you are unaware are lyrics from Mac Miller’s song “2009,” off his 2018 album Swimming.

It’s unclear if Tom Brady is a Mac Miller fan and chose to post these fitting lyrics himself or if someone else running his page did it, but it’s a sweet appreciation post nevertheless. Check out the lyrics & caption (below).

In other news, there’s been conspiracy theories circulating online recently suggesting that Tom Brady could be going to the Miami Dolphins next year, but that's just rumors for now. Read more on that right here.