We've seen Zonnique Pullins grow up before our very eyes as a featured member of T.I. and Tiny's reality show. As the on-again-off-again couple works through their differences, they've always been there for their children. T.I. may not be Zonnique's biological father but he treats her as if she were, sending so much love her way. As she continues to grow up and expand her own business, Zonnique has purchased her first-ever house today, which Tiny made sure to document on social media.

Much of Tiny and T.I.'s life is shared with their fans on TV but Zonnique's appearances have become more and more sparse as of late. She's got her own responsibilities now and she's just added one more to her plate. Pullins is a first-time homeowner after she purchased her first house today. Tiny shared a photo of her daughter with the realtor as she happily held onto the keys to the front door. Of course, it was an emotional moment for Tiny as she wrote, "Super proud of My 1st. she bought her first house today!! Congratulations my beauty Queen... Your mama loves u lady!"

Congratulations to Zonnique for buying her first house. Maybe she'll have her own reality show someday.