Aaliyah is a touchy subject. Pretty much anytime her music is touched, there's an immediate uproar. Not even Drake -- who seems to be able to do no wrong in the public eye -- was shamed out of working on a posthumous Aaliyah project. Thus, when a Lifetime-sanctioned biopic on the singer was announced, it was clear that if it wasn't an absolutely flawless portrayal, there would be hell to pay.

And hell was paid. While live-tweeting has become a natural way of consuming live media, usually there's at least a few different sides to the discussion. This did not seem to be the case last night during the film's airing. The conversation quickly grew into all-out clowning, as Twitter users responded to Lifetime's own live tweets with full on slander (the peak of which came when the network got one of her song titles wrong). 

At the center of the hate was none other than Timbaland, who was borderline giddy in his Instagram clowning. From memes to video addresses, Tim was on fire, later in the night declaring "You have felt Timbo's wrath!".

You can check out some of his most hilarious posts below. What did you think of the biopic?