Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj posted a TikTok of her and BIA rapping along to the hit remix of “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” including the verse: 

“I just bent the block, all these bitches wanna be ya

Prolly cause my waist gone, money long, Nia

Well, I ain't talking cars, long hair, don't KIA

In a twin-seater, you Tamera? What's Tia?”

Nicki’s video soon went viral, garnering over 2.7 million likes to date and over 6,000 videos with the sound. The most recent user to upload a video with the sound is Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry, who is referenced along with her sister in the last line. 

Tia, who has over 3 million followers on TikTok, often shares dance videos or funny clips with her family to the latest trends. For the audio with her name reference however, Tia rode solo, strutting down her driveway and slinging her ponytail before showing off her dance moves. The star captioned the video, "Y’all I had to do it! I mean, my name is in the song."

Fans praised Tia one saying, "you know you poppin when you and your sister name still ring bells 30 plus years later."One fan even suggested, "Do Tia Tamera by Doja Cat!!!" referring to Doja Cat's own song based around the famous twins.

Others joked that the 43-year-old for her "auntie dance moves" one commenter sharing, "the moment Tia starts dancing, she reminds us she’s mixed."

Check out the original TikTok as well as Tia's below.


##SongOfTheSummer @bia ft. Nicki Minaj 🎀 Whole Lotta Money REMIX 🦄✨

♬ original sound - Nicki Minaj



Y’all I had to do it! I mean, my name is in the song. ##tia##tiamowry##xyzbca

♬ original sound - Nicki Minaj