Back in January of 2016, it was reported that T.I. had allegedly been skimping out on his payments of over $700K worth of jewelry, and was being sued as a result. Georgia-based jeweler, Aydin & Co., claimed that they had sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry to T.I., including a 48-carat diamond chain, two $10,000 custom dog tags, and a wedding band valued at 13,500. However, they say that they hadn't received payment from T.I. since 2013.

At the time, T.I. claimed that the lawsuit was complete garbage, and now he's aiming to prove that in court, so that they never have to go to trial.

According to Bossip, T.I. has asked for a quick ruling on the case, asking the judge to make a decision based on facts that he's presented, filed a motion for a summary judgement on May 18th. He claims that he never stole the jewelry, and if he had it would be outside the statute of limitations.

This jewelry in question allegedly went missing during a robbery in T.I.'s mansion, and Aydin & Co. want a piece of the insurance money that T.I. received from the theft, filing a motion to have the judge deposit the earnings in their account.

Both filings will be heard by the judge, when the case moves forward sometime this summer. Hopefully everybody will end up with the money that they're owed. After all, not everybody has a DJ Akademiks to pay their bills for them.