Of the many celebrities who have gone on record and voiced their displeasure with Donald Trump since the former businessman became the President of the United States, T.I. has definitely been one of his most outspoken detractors, especially when it comes to his administration's perceived streak of racist or discriminatory actions. Now, he's sounding off on the issue once again, using 45's visit to the Civil Rights Museum as the backdrop.

Sharing a tweet from West Coast Reverend Shane Harris, T.I. echoed some strong anti-Trump sentiments. The pictured post called the President a "disgrace" after making a visit to the museum and speaking on the issue of civil rights despite his mediocre track record in this department thus far in his Presidential tenure. What's more, Trump continues to support Alabama's Roy Moore, a Senate candidate who has openly discriminated against non-white group and members of the LGBT community, an association that the Donald has taken a beating for in the press.

T.I.'s simple caption read, "What he said!!!!!" This left no grey area as to where he stands on this particular matter. In fact, Tip has been vocal about civil rights in a more general fashion this past week, backing Atlanta mayoral candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms to the hilt, a woman who eventually won a very close race against her white competitor.

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