In case you missed it last week, CNN published a report on modern day slavery in Libya, featuring a video that reportedly was shot in August and appeared to show a man selling African migrants for farm work for only a couple hundred bucks (see clip below). “Big strong boys,” the man said in the video, according to a CNN narrator. “400 … 700 … 800,” he called out the mounting prices. The men were eventually sold for about $400 each, CNN reported. The Libyan government said it has launched an investigation into slave auctions in the country.

After the video surfaced online showing the migrants apparently being sold at the auction in Libya, people all over the world have been calling for action & justice, including some of hip-hops own like T.I. & Chris Brown.

Rappers T.I. and Chris Brown both hopped on Instagram Monday night and informed their fans of the reality of the real world, and Tip is “livid.”

“This is PURE EVIL!!!!! I'm LIVID!!!! Satin is BUSY as a muuufucka. Spiritual Warfare in full effect.What side u on? Fight Back... Repost!!!! For more info just google "slave trade in Libya,” Tip captioned his disheartening IG post along with a picture of slaves. Tip also shared a couple more posts on the trade slave, first saying…

“Absolutely no words. Bringing awareness to this atrocity is THE ABSOLUTE LEAST we can do. I'm truly disgusted by the thought of this being possible in this day & age. It's repulsive!!! Don’t let this ride.... repost. Kill Your Masters!!!! - @killermike voice.”

Chris Brown on the other hand went ahead and shared the same meme asking for social media to address the Slave trade in Libya like it does with other world events. While Chris didn’t leave a caption, the photo is enough to bring awareness to fans who may not be aware of what’s going on in overseas.

Check out both Chris & Tip's posts (below) and peep the CNN report while you're at it if you haven't already.