T.I. is known for many things, including recent peace-keeping efforts between artists, his successful work as an A&R, and of course, his large catalog of music. If you've been following Tip from the beginning, you'll know that he has also become famous for his hat game -- not so much what he chooses to put on his head, but WHERE he chooses to put it.

Whether it be a beanie or a new era cap, Tip has always had a remarkable talent for balancing his headwear at angles that seem to defy gravity. His secret has never been revealed, but his status as the king of this particular technique has never been questioned -- that is, until a fan challenged the rapper on Twitter this weekend.

"I challenge you to an anti gravity hat off Clifford. You have 24 hours to respond or I am the new King," wrote user @KriegLaFlare, posting a selfie with his Under Armour cap dangling off his head.

Not too long after, T.I. responded, putting the challenger in his place with his own photo, writing, "How dare he !Like my son startin to golf today&callin out Tiger.Be gone FROM my presence, mere peasant."

Check out the two photos below. It's a close call, and we wouldn't mind doing some tests to make sure there was no foul play in Krieg's attempt. Who came out with the W here?