At one point in time, Netflix was at the top of the food chain when it came to streaming services but things are now changing now that there are more options for consumers, especially since the launch of Disney+. Netflix's beloved series Stranger Things was once the most-streamed show in the U.S. when season three pulled in 40.7 million streams on it's July 4th premiere

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

However, things have now changed as Business Insider reports that Disney Plus' The Mandalorian had over 100 million streams during the week of November 17th to November 23rd - Stranger Things had 81 million in the same time frame. "While demand is a metric that should not be confused with subscriber numbers, this is a strong indication that the 'Star Wars' series is driving a lot of sign-ups to the recently-debuted Disney Plus service," a representative of the data, Parrot Analytics, told the publication.

Disney Plus shared that it had 10 million sign-ups just one day after its launch. It was predicted that the service would bring in 17 to 18 million subscribers in the first year - meaning that things are off to a great start for the new streaming option.