It's essentially mandatory for rappers and artists, in general, to clean out their Instagram page ahead of a new project. It marks a clean slate, I guess. At this point, we all know what to expect when someone clears their IG and that typically means a new album is on the way. That being said, it looks like a new album from The Weeknd could be on the way. The Toronto-bred singer has wiped his entire Instagram page clean. He's no longer following anyone and his bio simply reads, "loading..." 

The Weeknd initially deleted his Instagram back in June after announcing his project, Chapter VI at a concert. Although there haven't been many updates since then, it appears that he's been locked in the studio for a bit and putting his focus towards that. 

If he does plan on releasing a new project, that seemingly aligns with the rumor that surfaced earlier this year about The Weeknd being among some of the biggest artists releasing new albums in the fall. Universal Music France held its annual "open season" event where they pretty much reveal their financial reports in the year so far and what to expect by the end of the year. Rihanna, Drake, Migos and The Weeknd were also reportedly scheduled to drop this month. Considering how there's a little bit over a week left in the month, it seems highly unlikely that we'll be getting projects from all four of these artists. However, The Weeknd is surely giving off a promising hint that his follow-up to Starboy is finally on the way.