Earlier this month, The Weeknd announced that he was officially working on his new album. It's been a quiet year for the Canadian singer as he dropped My Dear Melancholy, at the beginning of the year, choosing not to follow it up with anything substantial. At first, fans believed the EP was part of a larger project - perhaps a new Trilogy. When the weeks kept on passing by, it became apparent that we would not be granted with new music for a while. That all seems to be changing as Abel told his Toronto crowd that Chapter VI would soon be making its way onto our phones. Teasing the work even further, the singer shared an image that goes through all his past artistic stages, mashing all his looks into one.

"Love this," wrote Abel alongside a telling "VI" inclusion. The black-and-white graphic shows the artist as we've known him throughout the years. There's an image of him with his iconic hair deep in the picture, another of him rocking a forwards cap, with everything inside a depiction of what he currently looks like. Could this be the cover art that he plans on using? Probably not - it turns out that the image was created by a fan who regularly makes edits of her favorite artist. Nevertheless, the inclusion of "VI" in the caption means that the next chapter is soon coming and fans have definitely taken notice.