The tribute to some of Hip Hop's biggest influences is almost official. Wu-Tang Clan and Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G. are set to be honored in the genre's birthplace of New York City. Although the idea was publicizedin November, the City Council has now pushed the process further by voting on the matter. According to the Gothamist, a publication that focuses on local news of the big apple, the City Council finally approved the motion with a unanimous 48-0 vote.

"I'm happy that NYC officials are finally giving the city's indigenous 'Hip Hop' music the respect and recognition that it deserves," said culture advocate LeRoy McCarthy to Gothamist. "It took a long time and lots of hard work to advance the Christopher Wallace Way & Wu-Tang Clan District street co-naming, but ya know what, Hip Hop Don't Stop."

St. James Place in Brooklyn, the street where a young Biggie Smalls grew up, will be labeled in his honor, becoming Christopher Wallace Way. Wu-Tang Clan District will be located in Staten Island, southeast of Vanderbilt Avenue and Targee Street. 

Folk artist Woody Guthrie will also receive a similar honor in Coney Island. Mayor de Blasio still needs to sign off on the bill to make the whole deal 100% official.