Demos finding their way onto the internet is a generally bittersweet; bitter for the artists, sweet for the fans. While they seldom make for stellar listening experiences, they do provide interesting insight into the creative process. Such is indeed the case for the "Apeshit" demo, which you can now check out here, via Complex

The Everything Is Love writing credits feature appearances from both Quavo and Offset, with the former's voice being a notable addition to the song; the iconic Migos ad-libs were featured prominently in the final version, albeit missing an integral "mama!" Upon hearing the demo version, it's evident that Jay and Beyonce retained many of the elements present in the Migos version. You can even hear Offset rapping with a flow remarkably similar to that employed by Beyonce. Clearly, the Atlanta trio proved to be influential in shaping "Apeshit's" vibe and direction.

Though it is lyrically different, the idea that Jay-Z and Beyonce based a song off a Migos demo opens an interesting hip-hop discussion. It's funny. In an era where the stigma against ghostwriting is at an all-time high, it feels as if the act of songwriting is becoming an increasingly collaborative process. Either way, Jay and Beyonce put their own stamp on it, and that's all that matters.

Peep the demo via Complex.