The Game was at the club last night, and he got pretty drunk. We weren’t there so we can’t exactly be sure, but based on his wild Instagram post last night we think our assumptions are pretty safe. The post has since been deleted, but The Shade Room grabbed a screenshot, which you can see below.

During the extended rant, Game reveals he’s drinking Effen Vodka – the one that’s supported by his former homie 50 Cent – and uses “Kehlani pussy” as the metaphor to describe how close he and Fif used to be. The post then wanders over to comparisons between Rihanna and Beyonce, which he can’t seem to decide between, especially when he’s drunk. He also reveals he spends $27.99 a month on Tidal on the way to asking Jay Z for a verse and proclaiming The Documentary’s greatness.

All pretty entertaining stuff, and no one really batted an eye until today when Kehlani came across the post. She took time away from tearing up SXSW stages post a picture of Rihanna along with a gang of hashtags expressing her displeasure with The Game involving her in something she’s completely unrelated to. Highlights include #BarelyOldEnoughToBabySitYoKids and #YouNeedANap, as Kehlani flipped Game’s age around on him.

I guess the only question we have left is, why the hell was Game even on Instagram in the club anyway?