Asahd Khaled is following in his daddy's footsteps before he's even learned to walk. As his birth was Snapchatted, Asahd was born into the spotlight. Four months later, he's got an Instagram following of over 260,000, and he's busy in the studio executive producing his father's next album, Grateful, which is set to feature some of the game's biggest stars. 

The father-son production team communicates by commenting on each other's Instagram posts, and Khaled often asks his son about the status of certain top-secret records. It's not surprising that Khaled has successfully involved Asahd in his one-of-a-kind social media routine. But the internet has become immersed with their online rapport not just for its absurdity but because Khaled's love for his infant son is so obviously genuine and undeniably heartwarming. 

Below are the funniest memes inspired by the two Khaled moguls.