Tessa Thompson is currently the talk of the town and there seems to be no slowing down. The 34-year-old Creed actress is still living up her Sorry To Bother You hype and she's already secured her next role, that will only be using her voice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tessa has been nabbed as the voice for the upscale Cocker Spaniel, in Disney's remake of Lady and the Tramp.

The flick is expected to debut on Disney's upcoming digital streaming service, that launches in 2019.

In other Tessa news, her character in Boots Riley's Sorry To Bother You unfortuantley wasn't loved by many fans. Since receiving a poor review of Tessa's role, Detroit, the director responded saying the following: “Detroit is not a prize to be won in this movie. She fucks who she wants because she wants to and when she wants to.” 

Tessa also followed up, supporting her own role and all that she stands for. "For me, the hat trick with any supporting character, no matter how well drawn they are —is they should leave an audience wanting to know more about them. @BootsRiley made a film about a lot of big ideas & a question—& Detroit is both."