If you've been searching for news about Tekashi 6ix9ine in the last few weeks, you likely stumbled upon at least one of the interviews that his ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina, has given. The mother of his daughter detailed the alleged abuse that she suffered at his hands, accusing 6ix9ine of rape and domestic violence. During a multiple-part interview with VladTV, Molina explained that her ex-boyfriend has never put aside money for their child, saying that he spent more money on his current girlfriend's car than he did on "hush money" for her. After Molina alleged that she did not have a sexual relationship with Tekashi's former manager Shotti, which was the reason he beat her bloody in Dubai, she was just caught on Instagram Live cuddling with one of his former associates.

HipHopDX reposted a video of Molina in bed with Bennie Bates, a rapper that is a former associate of Tekashi 6ix9ine. Molina kisses him on the forehead before she realizes that she's being filmed. They both laughed it off but you can imagine, with what she's been saying about Tr3yway Shotti, she doesn't want this floating around.

Bennie Bates has reportedly been in a relationship with 69's baby mother for months. However, he alleges that he was never actually friends with the rainbow-haired rapper. In another live video, Bates said, "I don’t know 6ix9ine. We never was friends. He don’t know me. I’m not from Tr3yway. I’m not from Brooklyn. I’m not from none of that. I don’t know that dude. I don’t know his middle name. I don’t know if he got a middle name. I don’t know nothing, a’ight? We not associates. I don’t even want to be his associate at this point … if you don’t believe that, suck my dick."