Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the most controversial rising stars in hip hop right now. Aside from his current case, it seems like he has a lot of people in the streets who aren't the biggest fans of him. There's been several events where things seemed to have gone left due to the budding rapper's presence including at Yams Day a few weeks back. However, during this past weekend, 6ix9ine seemed to have some sort of run-in with some people in Minnesota that seemed to ruin his Super Bowl weekend.

Over the weekend, 6ix9ine seemed to have a slew of issues in Minnesota. The rapper was seen in a physical altercation outside of the venue of his show. The footage shown ended in gun shots with people dispersing the area afterwards. However, Tekashi 6ix9ine didn't seem to be harmed.

The rapper hit Instagram to respond to the surfaced footage.

"Yo Tekashi, why they so mad at you? 'Cause your never gonna get touched." The rapper said on an Instagram video, "Why n*ggas want me to get touched so badly? It’ll never happen. I told you n*ggas. They will never touch me."

While that's just one incident, the rapper had another issue during his performance on Feb. 4th in Minnesota. While performing, someone threw a bucket of ice at the rapper and his entourage on stage. One of the members of the entourage took the bucket and threw it back.

Tekashi responded to this incident on Instagram this morning. "Still untouched, man. Minnesota, we fuck with y'all, man. Y'all don't stop the bag man," he said on an IG video.

Despite all of these incidents, Tekashi is gearing up to release his debut project on Feb. 23rd and already previewed the "Gummo" remix featuring Offset which is slated to be on the project.

Check out the clips below.