The prosecutors in Tekashi 6ix9ine's criminal case are urging the judge to make sure the rap sees the inside of a prison. According to The Blast, they want the rapper to serve a harsher prison sentence for continuously exhibiting signs of violence on social media and through his public persona.

Manhattan Assistant D.A. Sara Weiss wrote a letter to the judge, saying that rapper has "Failed to mature into the law-abiding adult anticipated by the plea agreement which he signed on October 20, 2015.” Weiss argues that since 6ix9ine signed his plea agreement, he has gone on to claim himself as a “member of the 9 Trey Bloods” and has shown “violent conduct related to that gang.”

Although the D.A. admits that 6ix9ine became a successful artist since signing the plea deal, she argues that he “is now a self-admitted member of a violent gang, the 9 Trey bloods” and constantly flexes his gang ties on social media. Additionally, they're also using 6ix9ine's social media feuds against him by claiming that he encourages his fans to use violence against his enemies in his honor. Although they say his "trolling" has helped him boost album sales, they argue there have been real-life consequences to his actions online, specifically with Casanova and Chief Keef

Officials are also calling out 6ix9ine for claiming that the concussion he allegedly sustained after he was violently attacked caused him to miss appearances in court. The rapper claimed that he was “too ill from the effects of his head injury,” but the D.A. claims that he also “went to nightclubs with loud music and strobe lights almost every night that week.” They also said that he "took a several hour flight to Miami, where he filmed himself holding a loaded assault rifle.” 

The prosecutors argue that giving 6ix9ine a lighter sentence under the Youthful Offender guidelines would leave a negative impression on "like-minded offenders who follow defendant on social media and other outlets.”

6ix9ine is due in court this Friday for the sentencing for his child sex charge.