Teejayx6 said that he was looking into Lil Baby's bank account information in an attempt to scam the highly-successful rapper late last week, posting a picture of his driver's license and telling fans that he was getting close to cracking the code. The scam rapper reportedly got on Baby's bad side as a direct result and, this week, a video started circulating showing Teejayx6 apparently running through Atlanta's Lenox Mall while being chased by 4PF goons.

The Detroit rapper is allegedly in a viral video narrowly escaping a group of men that were trying to beat him down in the shopping center after showing off Lil Baby's identification. 

The man in the clip has not been confirmed to be Teejayx6 but he has been posting about the incident on his social media pages, perhaps joking about what happened and going through with it as a scam tactic.

According to XXL, he hopped on Instagram Live after the clip started to gain traction, explaining that he has a black eye and joking about how he traveled from Atlanta to Detroit so quickly, perhaps debunking the rumors and trolling the masses.

"Listen, a group of n***as walk up on you, bro. I still got the little black eye too, look," said Teejay in his Live. "Y'all see the black eye. Those n***as beat my ass. But, I don't know, bro. I don't know how I got to Detroit so fast, wasn't that video today, bro?"