Teejayx6, one of our 13 artists to watch in 2020,  is currently making waves on the Detroit rap scene which could easily be attributed to his distinctive rap flow. However, he's now claiming that Florida rap star Lil Pump might be guilty of swagger jacking on a new track that he previewed recently.

Teejayx6 Lil Pump Biting Rap Flow beef
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"Wow everybody tag @lilpump for stealing my flow," the "Swipe Story" emcee wrote as a caption to the video he, ironically, swiped from Pump's IG Stories, continuing his rant by adding, "tell that n***a i need a song now with me @kasherquon on it back from when he captioned dynamic duo." Kasher Quon was quick to chime in, writing in the comments, "Really tried to steal our flow" before sending a few shots on his own page to claim Pump has been listening to them "since the summer" and used one of their songs as a picture caption. The song in question is "Dynamic Duo" by Kasher Quon featuring Teejayx6, and the line goes "Your b**ch was on her period, I told her put her head down." They claim Lil Pump switched up a few words and wrote "She on her period I told her top me for now" for his IG post.

Take a look at the jabs at Lil Pump from both Teejayx6 and Kasher Quon below, and let us know if you think they have a point or just reaching: