This is one of the weirdest flexes that we'll likely see all year. Teairra Mari has been one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop for years, establishing herself as a powerful singer as well. Her career may not have reached heights parallel to that of Beyoncé's but Mari has profited financially as a vocalist, earning notoriety from her music career. Last night, the entertainer decided to shake things up in her highly-public feud against 50 Cent, calling him out on wax and bringing their differences into the music world. Mari has officially released "I Ain't Got It," which basically is a record bragging to the New York rapper that he will never see the $30K he won in court because, well, she doesn't have it.

The beef between Fif and Teairra Mari has reached new heights with the Love & Hip Hop star using several choice words to describe her nemesis in her new song. The track begins with Mari saying that she'll never quit hustling, informing the public that she's been through so much at this point in her career that giving up simply isn't an option. In the hook, Teairra speaks directly to 50, telling him that if he thinks he's getting his coins, he's sadly mistaken. She may not have $30K but, according to her, she's "popping" and "taking off like a rocket." 

Things have taken a sharp turn in this beef. Hopefully, this influences Fiddy to get into the booth and spit some venom into the mic.