Racism in the United States is nothing new, but it's always surprising to see the people from whom it comes. The parking lot of a La Plata, Maryland WalMart was the site of one such surprising incident. 

A woman, Dawn Lennon, and her family, were trying to park and a woman, angry about a parking spot, called Lennon's husband the N-word. Lennon began filming and walked over to the woman's car. She emerged wearing a Washington Redskins jacket and Lennon asked her: "did you just call my husband the N-word?" to which she replied, "Yes I did."

In the caption of her Facebook post, Lennon sums up her disgust:

So while leaving the Walmart parking lot my husband was called The N Word, because he didn't move out the parking spot the way she wanted him to. I saw where she was parking her vehicle and confronted her. How dare she talk to my husband that way and in front of me and my children. The thing I thought was so profound is that she was proud of it and didn't try to deny it. My house was burned down in 2004 by racist and now this!!! I'm so ashamed to live in a country that supports this type of hatred and bigotry.

As if this weren't enough, the unfortunate incident took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that the woman, according to Fox Baltimoreis an employee of the local school board. The school board responded quickly with a series of conciliatory tweets: 

Lennon summed up the whole situation well at the end of her video: "You live with black people, so get used to it."