Tay-K is believed to be running a prison gang called the "Rug-Rats" while he awaits trial over the murder of Ethan Walker. Née Taymor Travon McIntyre, the rapper most famously known for the daring stunt he committed while his breakout hit "The Race" was making the rounds, is awaiting his trial in a maximum security facility after being denied bail by the judge presiding over his case.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, prosecutor Bill Vassar filed a notice eliciting Tay-K's alleged leadership role in organizing the aforementioned prison gang. Vassar went on to note that Tay-K formation of the "Rug-Rat" prison rig pales in comparison boastful claims of belonging to the "Long Beach Insane Crips," as prescribed in the case file.

The notice mentions that Tay-K has given the gang the ordinance of a structure gang, by drafting something referred to as "the Laws of Power." Deanna Boyd of the Star-Telegram transcribed the alleged rulebook to the best of her abilities - it can be viewed in the original write up on the Star-Telegram's website, here.

Vassar's notice claims that Tay-K even threatened guards and prison staff members. "I see you on the street, you better run," he allegedly told an authority figure who tried in vain to exert the "authority" bestowed upon them. While the prosecutor's efforts heat up on the civilian side of things, Tay-K will continue his penmanship - his stated goal: the novelization of "The Race."