Teen rapper Tay-K was officially sentenced to fifty-five years in prison for his involvement in the murder of Ethan Walker this week and people keep on reacting to the news online. Since the beginning of his trial, the young man has maintained his innocence in regards to Walker's murder. He entered a guilty plea for aggravated robbery but has not taken responsibility for the death of his alleged victim. Thus, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that mere days following his sentencing, Tay-K has already appealed his conviction and sentence.

As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who has been following the case with a watchful eye, the rapper has appealed his conviction and wishes for justice in his case. The jury assigned to him decided that the suitable punishment for Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre, would be to pay a $10,000 fine and spend the majority of his life in prison. As Complex points out, the man who actually pulled the trigger on Walker has already been sentenced to life in the clink. 


Perhaps Tay-K has a point in appealing his conviction (hear me out for a second.) This morning, we published a piece looking into the precedent that his sentencing causes in terms of the use of music and lyrics in court. While McIntyre did write a song about the events following the murder, should they have been used as an example to prove his guilt? Sound off in the comments and be sure to read that feature over here.